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5th Kind

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About 5th Kind

Imagine everyone's favorite rock bands from the 70's and 80's getting together all in one place, playing every hit you grew up with, just as you remember it. That's 5th Kind!

An exceptionally entertaining band blending a mix of music you won't find anywhere else, 5th Kind takes you back to a specific time and place, sparking memories of some of the best times in your life. Comprised of some of Memphis' top musicians, 5th Kind captivates the entire audience with an onslaught of rock anthems and rarely heard classics from the glam decades.

5th Kind wields their renditions of the most in-depth musical pieces, spotlighting amazing musicianship, incredible vocals, and hair-raising harmonies with each offering.

Whether it's a private function, a large festival stage, or a small club, 5th Kind will rock the house.

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