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Atlanta Rhythm Section

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About Atlanta Rhythm Section

Resource Entertainment was proud to book the Atlanta Rhythm Section at the Golden Moon Casino in Mississippi.

They've been part of the Southern rock scene for more than 30 years. Their biggest hits include "So Into You," "Champagne Jam," "Imaginary Lover," and "Spooky." But there's so much more...

With 15 albums of outstanding songwriting and performances, the Atlanta Rhythm Section represents all the good things the phrase "classic rock" implies.

Here are some other ways to look at ARS. They weren't out to be rock 'n roll stars — they were accomplished studio musicians working as a group. They were said to be more influenced by music coming out of England than other music in the South.

They shared musical stylings with the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac — both in the quality of songwriting and recorded performances. They were excellent musicians who tried to stretch themselves — think Steely Dan or Little Feat. In many ways, these associations make as much or more sense than any grouping with their Southern rock kin.

So if you want an introduction (or re-introduction) to a great band and a lot of wonderful music, Atlanta Rhythm Section is standing by to electrify you.