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Brenda Lee

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About Brenda Lee

Resource Entertainment was privileged to book Brenda Lee at the Pearl River Resort in Mississippi.

Brenda Lee sang her way out of an impoverished childhood and into the hearts of the world.

From the beginning it was obvious that she had a rare talent with a distinctive throaty style and rich vocal presence. By age six, she was astounding listeners with a mature sound and lyric interpretation reserved for women who had gathered both through time and experience. By the 1960's, Brenda (aka "Little Miss Dynamite") was the darling of her peers — and millions of fans.

Before turning 20, Brenda had recorded a phenomenal 256 songs — a musical odyssey that included classic hits like "I'm Sorry," "Fool Number 1," "Emotions," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," and "That's All You Gotta Do," to mention only the tip of Brenda's signature songs. Rarely has a performer grown from childhood to maturity with the momentum that has propelled this lady into a sixth decade of making music.