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Dead Soldiers

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Nobody's Son

Old Man

Tennessee Quickstep

Don't Let the Fever Take Me

About Dead Soldiers

Memphis is both the cradle and grave of American music, home of the dance and the dirge.

Sometimes it sounds like bluegrass, sometimes like honky tonk, sometimes rock, and sometimes soul. But it never sounds grander than when Dead Soldiers are in the trenches and the troops are plied with whiskey.

Possibly the best band from Memphis since alt-country outlaws Lucero, Dead Soldiers is probably the only band that can pack a dance floor with songs about death, disease, and destruction of both body and soul.

Damn-good songwriting and arena-sized melodies, Dead Soldiers is blasphemous, whiskey-soaked country music from Memphis — and destined for greatness.

Top Reviews for Dead Soldiers

"Deep, soulful, and well-versed is a quick way to sum up these Memphis natives." --

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