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Dual Drive

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Take Me to the River

Respect Yourself

Dock of the Bay

Suspicious Minds

I Thank You

About Dual Drive

Guitarist Garry Goin and saxophonist Pat Register, two of the most well-known and respected musicians in Memphis, have combined their talents to create an amazing listening experience. Funky, laid-back, and flat-out cool, Dual Drive celebrates the music of Memphis with an updated contemporary jazz twist, bridging the gap between yesterday and today.

It's perfect when you need sophisticated entertainment -- but you don't want to put everyone to sleep!

From “Take Me to the River” to “Respect Yourself” to “Dock of the Bay,” these guys play instrumental versions of soul classics and bring a polished, jazzy vibe to everything.

It's great background music, it's great for a mix-and-mingle crowd, it's great for corporate receptions, it's great for rehearsal dinners. Basically, it's just great.

Top Reviews for Dual Drive

"Dual Drive makes me want to take a trip to Shelby County and visit the Stax Museum again. It’s been too long!" -- Music News Nashville

"It’s funky with a capital F." -- Deep Roots Magazine

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