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Herbie Hancock

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About Herbie Hancock

Resource Entertainment had the pleasure of booking Herbie Hancock during the Live at the Garden concert series in Memphis.

Herbie Hancock is certainly the best-known jazz pianist alive, and he may be the best ever, if there can be such a thing. He's been an innovator for decades. In his early 20's, he redefined the rhythm section as part of the last accoustic Miles Davis Band. Since then, he's headed into soundtracks, Eastern Mysticism, fusion, hip-hop — while continuing to perform and record the acoustic jazz that first made his reputation. He has loads of technical ability but is especially remarkable for his extraordinary harmonic sense and rhythmic openness.

For a person whose life has been an incredible series of major moments, of history-making, of working with legends, Herbie Hancock easily rattles off the things that stand out in his mind as special times. "Getting the Oscar had the biggest impression on me. That felt the biggest. I've won my fair share of Grammys but, as an institution, the Grammys didn't start until I was about 18. The Oscars, on the other hand, were always there. I grew up always thinking the Academy Awards was the most incredible thing, the epitome of Hollywood. That reached way down to my childhood."

Other highlights? "When I started practicing Buddhism 21 years ago. Marrying the woman I married 26 years ago; my wife is quite a woman. The birth of my daughter. Joining Miles Davis' band. Winning all those MTV awards and the Grammy for Rockit."