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James Taylor

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About James Taylor

Resource Entertainment had the pleasure of booking James Taylor with a 26-piece orchestra assembled by REG for Hilton Hotels conference in California.

When people use the term "singer/songwriter" in praise or in criticism, they're thinking of James Taylor.

In the early 1970's, when he appeared with his introspective songs, acoustic guitar, and calm, understated singing style, he mirrored a generation's emotional exhaustion after tumultuous times. Just as Bing Crosby's reassuring voice brought the country out of the Depression and through World War II, Taylor's songs eased the transition from '60s activism and its attendant frustrations into the less political, more inward-looking '70s. He was rewarded with a series of hit albums and singles, and he managed to survive his initial fame to achieve lasting popularity.

He continued to tour successfully for decades, and, starting with his breakthrough Sweet Baby James, all but one of his regular album releases for the rest of the century went gold or platinum, while his Greatest Hits album achieved a diamond certification reflecting sales of more than ten million copies.