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Janine Le Clair

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About Janine Le Clair

A multi-international award winning vocalist, she is known for her clear yet bluesy vocals, vibrancy on stage and her conviction as a performer. The essence of her artist vibe embodies more than her musical style, but an overall attitude.

Le Clair’s journey to Music City was unconventional to say the least. She matured as a triple talent: singer, dancer and actor educated at the University of Windsor in her Canadian hometown where she attended Canada's top accredited music theatre program on scholarship. Throughout her young career she starred in a number of international television commercials and in lead roles, charmed live musical theatre audiences far and wide. After winning “Most Outstanding Vocalist” at Music Fest Canada, recording and performance opportunities in Australia called her name, and so began her overseas career as a singer/songwriter/actress. Fresh off the release of her debut modern-country album and a successful national tour, Le Clair was awarded Western Australia’s Female Vocalist of the Year at the GWN Country Music Awards. Sought after for her talent as a songwriter, she was then invited to further her career in Music City, USA.