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Jeff Bates

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About Jeff Bates

Resource Entertainment had the pleasure of working with Jeff Bates during the Tupelo, MS Elvis Festival.

Jeff Bates was only 17 when he entered a honky tonk in his hometown of Bunker Hill, MS. He wasn't there for the smoking, drinking, or rabble-rousing; he was there to audition, hoping to land a show or two. The audience went wild for his voice — a mix of Barry White, Elvis Presley, and Otis Redding — and before he knew it, Bates was offered a six-nights-a-week gig.

Everything pointed to Nashville, but before he would get there, Bates had to battle a crippling addiction that eventually landed him in jail. He had a spiritual awakening while locked up and emerged not only clean and sober but also driven and ambitious in a way he never was before.

Moving to Nashville and working extra hard, Bates caught the ear of RCA and landed a record deal in 2002. The label issued his debut, Rainbow Man, in 2003 and his sophomore effort, Good People, in 2005. Since then, he has kept a packed touring and recording schedule.