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Jeffrey and the Pacemakers

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About Jeffrey and the Pacemakers

If you are not a fan of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, Gerry & the Pacemakers, and British Invasion groups — as well as the Byrds and other 60's groups — then Jeffrey & the Pacemakers is not the band for you.

But if you really dig the aforementioned music, then take a close look at this band. This musical tribute is the passion of Memphis music veterans Jeff Golightly, Rick Camp, Danny Umfress, and Robert Hall. These guys have played everywhere and with everyone for decades: Jerry Lee Lewis, The Crime, The Gentrys, Zuider Zee, Larry Rasberry, and many more.

True professionals, Jeffrey & the Pacemakers have top-quality sound equipment and authentic Rickenbacker guitars, Ludwig drums, and Vox amps. They are the choice when you're looking for the 1960's British Invasion sound.