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Jeffrey and the Pacemakers

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About Jeffrey and the Pacemakers

From the Mississippi River in Memphis to The Mersey River in Liverpool and back to the Mississippi in Memphis, Jeffrey and The Pacemakers pay tribute to the bands that filtered the beat of the American groups they so loved and gave it back to us with a English twist!

Now.if you really dig the aforementioned music, then take a close look and listen to Jeffrey and The Pacemakers. This musical journey is the love of Memphis music veteran Jeff Golightly. In 1980, Jeff was a member of the now legendary Memphis power pop band THE CRIME. Together with his bandmates, they tore up the southeastern United States with their arresting brand of Memphis rock-n-roll. Jeff also played the John Lennon parts in the all Beatle band Daytripper.

THE CRIME was the brainchild of Rick Camp who plays bass with The Pacemakers. Rick has been a professional musician since the age of 10 and his gift of harmony is key to The Pacemakers sound.

Danny Umfress plays the blistering lead guitar and has shared the stage with such superstars as Johnny Cash, Pat Boone and Larry Raspberry.

Robert Hall keeps the beat and has played drums with The Gentrys and the ground breaking Memphis Power Pop band Zuider Zee. For the past 18 years, Robert has toured the world with Jerry Lee Lewis and The Memphis Beat.

 The Pacemakers are true professionals and together with their authentic Rickenbacker guitars, Ludwig drums and Vox amps, they are THE choice when it comes to the 60’s British Invasion sound. They were tapped to play before Sir Paul McCartney outside of the Fed Ex Forum during Paul’s latest visit to the Bluff City.

The Pacemakers will bring this jangly music to life for a great walk down memory lane for you and your clients or guests.
If you really want to add a special touch to your private party or corporate event, please consider Jeffrey and The Pacemakers. You and your audience will be delighted.