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John Paul Keith

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Pure Cane Sugar

Come On Let's Go (Live)

She'll Dance to Anything

Back in the USA (Live)

About John Paul Keith

NEWS: John Paul Keith has been named band leader for the renowned house band at Thacker Mountain Radio.

Playing a broad mix of timeless rock 'n roll, country, blues, and R&B, John Paul Keith has the kind of band that could only have come from Memphis — an honest-to-goodness, straight-up, rock 'n roll party band.

Whether it's Memphis rockabilly from Carl Perkins, New Orleans boogie from Fats Domino, instrumental soul from Booker T. & the MGs, Bakersfield honky-tonk from Buck Owens, or Freddie King-style Texas guitar workouts, John Paul Keith has carved a niche for himself as the region's best roadhouse band.

You won't hear anything from today's Top 40 in their sets — they pound out classics and B-sides from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But they aren't rockabilly revivalists or roots purists — they put their own stamp on the music they love, regardless of genre or period. Nor is this an "oldies" act. These guys may play their share of Chuck Berry songs, for example, but they'll play the Chuck Berry tunes you never hear.

John Paul Keith has recorded several renowned albums on the Fat Possum label and is widely hailed as one of the city's great pop songwriters. His side project with Amy LaVere, the enchanting Motel Mirrors, quickly became the must-see band in the Mid-South.

If you're looking for a fresh, exciting group that stays true to the basics of rock 'n roll, look no further than John Paul Keith.

Top Reviews for John Paul Keith

"John Paul Keith burned the damn house down, much to the delight of our guests! They play that timeless American music that appeals to all ages, so it was good to see the oldsters boogie out on the floor along the youngsters. A renowned local historian, who usually maintains a professorial demeanor, was even doing The Twist while loudly proclaiming South Carolina as the birthplace of that wacky dance. Good times! Resource was courteous, attentive, and professional. I recommend them highly." -- Porter Barron, Columbia, SC

"Playing in a style suggestive of Chuck Berry, John Paul Keith is an understated talent who handles complicated riffs with ease. His music is inspired by early rock 'n roll, reminiscent of Buddy Holly and Sun Records." -- Stephanie Thomas, Birmingham Magazine

"Instead of having a traditional wedding band, we hired John Paul Keith, who we love seeing play venues around Memphis. It was great fun to expose our family and friends to their music, and we had an incredible time dancing!" -- Clay Hughley

"John Paul Keith offers a vibrant, nimble country twist on the city's latent roots-rock/bar-rock style." -- Memphis Flyer

"John Paul Kieth offers perhaps the most pleasurable sound in Memphis music right now." –- Memphis Magazine

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