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Jumpin' Chi-Chi's

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322 Pearl Avenue

Chi Chi Moon

Take the Bus

White Cotton Panties

Down at the Monkey

Love Attack

All That Meat

Chi Chi Cha Cha

About Jumpin' Chi-Chi's

The Jumpin' Chi-Chi's are all-original party music makers — swingin' and rockin' — happy, feel-good, genuine, original, first-rate Memphis music.

The pros that compose the Jumpin' Chi-Chi's are a notable bunch: trumpeter/lead vocalist Reid McCoy; sax man Jim Spake; bassist Sam Shoup; keyboardist Tony Thomas, and drummer Tom Lonardo. It would take a phone book to list the sessions these locals have played on and bands they've played with over the years. Each member of the group has received Premier Player awards, contributed to roughly a billion records and jingles, and played concerts with big shots from Stevie Wonder to Tony Bennett. The Chi-Chi’s also placed one of their original songs, “Down at the Monkey,” in the Disney film Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. Another original song, “Chi-Chi Moon,” found its way into a Canadian HBO series Working Girls in Bed (now wouldn’t Mom be proud!).

When it comes to simply cutting loose, they find collective fun as the Jumpin' Chi-Chi's, a jazzy quintet that aims to meet every Happy Hour mood with a grab bag of great covers and self-penned, often ribald novelty numbers. From the jump blues of "322 Pearl Avenue" (with its W.C. Fields-inspired lyrics) and Rufus Thomas-worthy funk in "Can't Get Down" to the Hawaiian-cast "Wicky Wacky" and a N'Awlins-meets-Bo Diddley vamp "Let's Do Chi-Chi," the Chi-Chi's will get any joint jumpin'.

Virtuoso-delivered silliness has rarely sounded so good, and these guys will light up a room with good-humor and supreme musical talent.

Top Reviews for Jumpin' Chi-Chi's

"This is the best and most inspired original music to come out of Memphis in years. The Jumpin' Chi-Chi's music is spontaneous, eclectic, effortlessly performed and just downright GREAT! Every musical style is fair game for the Chi-Chi's." -- Pete Vescovo

"Here's a brand new slant on what Louis and Sam were doin' back in the day. The Jumpin' Chi-Chi's really put the spin on pop jazz with the craziest originals. Excellent performances, wonderful solos and lots of unpredictablity." -- Dr. Moon

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