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Kattawar Brothers

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Great Balls of Fire

About Kattawar Brothers

From the pumping-piano of a Jerry Lee Lewis rocker to classic blues to a tender ballad, the Kattawar Brothers have taken their dynamic boogie-woogie from the Mississippi Delta to parties around the country.

Based in the Mid-South, Mike and Jerry Kattawar put on a show that most 10-piece bands can only envy. These two guys have energy and crowd-pleasing antics to spare. Mike keeps a rock-steady beat while Jerry pounds the piano, teases the audience, tells crazy stories, and entertains endlessly, all while performing great songs that create a jam-packed dance floor.

They're perfect for everything from backyard parties to ballroom-size galas. Whenever you need great entertainment by a classic boogie-woogie duo, you need the Kattawar Brothers.

Top Reviews for Kattawar Brothers

"The Kattawar Brothers were fantastic and just perfect for the audience." -- Wendy Rotter, Rotary International

"The Kattawar Brothers were the best act we saw at the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival." -- London Times

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