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Lord T & Eloise

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About Lord T & Eloise

The creators of Aristocrunk, self-proclaimed "intergalactic time travelers" and "Forebearers of the Rapocalypse" — Lord T & Eloise have spent the last decade touring the United States, sharing the stage with some of the world’s top performers and bombarding the American media with their unique style, bravado, and showmanship.

Their newest album, Time Machine 2013, takes place in the future. This 23-track magnum opus of their experience with time travel reveals what's in store for humanity. Their string of live performances, better known as The Rapocalypse Tour, has taken Aristocrunk across the USA. And the known universe. And beyond.

Enormously popular throughout Memphis and the Mid-South, Lord T & Eloise simply must be seen to be believed.

Top Reviews for Lord T & Eloise

"Lord T & Eloise bring two words to mind: Glam Rap." -- New York Times

"An intoxicating spectacle" -- Nashville Scene

"Amazing. Simply amazing." -- Chattanooga Pulse

"Stunning and highly original!" -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

"Lord T & Eloise is the hip-hop equivalent of Tenacious D. Brilliantly tongue-in-cheek… evokes a flow that draws comparisons to Beastie Boys." -- The Memphis Flyer

"The industry needs performers like Lord T & Eloise. And as far as the street side goes — with songs and tracks that sound this good — they'll just have to accept 'em." -- Al Kapone, the King of Crunk

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