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About Lucero

Look to your left. A young couple is passionately making out. To your right, two grizzled, bearded gentlemen are getting drunk and rowdy, singing loud as hell. And don’t forget to look up, because an old punk rocker has just launched himself from the stage. Welcome! You're at a Lucero show.

Over their 16 years together, Lucero has built a fan base that’s as diverse as it is rabid. Ask 50 Lucero fans what their favorite song is and you’ll get 50 different answers. Among the band’s 100-plus songs across nine albums and multiple EPs, there’s no universal fan favorite.

"Each person makes Lucero their own thing," says frontman Ben Nichols. "Everyone identifies with us for completely different reasons. For one reason or another, Lucero becomes a very personal band."

But the one thing that seems to unify Lucero fans of all kinds is the band’s all-or-nothing live show, and Live from Atlanta, the band’s latest live record, thoroughly captures that. A career-spanning collection of songs recorded over three nights in Atlanta’s Terminal West, Live from Atlanta is a four-LP greatest hits collection of 32 tunes played the way they were meant to be heard, with all the distinguishing elements you’d hear at Lucero’s live show—horns, pianos, and the trademark instrument of the band’s live sound: whiskey-fueled audience sing-alongs.

Lucero’s entire catalog, from 2000’s The Attic Tapes to 2013’s Texas & Tennessee EP, is represented on Live from Atlanta, which clocks in at over two impressive hours. The album’s extensive assortment of songs proves that Lucero is a band for everyone. Part country and part folk with an added heaping of punk rock, Lucero covers the musical gamut. Even the band members have varying opinions on how to define their sound. "We’re each playing in a completely different band. We’re on stage and each playing in our own Lucero. I’m not sure that’s how it works for other bands," laughs Nichols.

However you see Lucero, they will satisfy your need for a kick-ass good time with a great American band.

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