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Marcela Pinilla

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About Marcela Pinilla

Discovered in her native Colombia, Marcela Pinilla’s singing career began in traditional Latin style in 1998, when she embarked on an eight-month tour of Southeast Asia. The trip introduced Marcela to an entirely new audience and new style: jazz.

"I walked into this bar in Kuala Lumpur, and there was this woman scatting," Marcela said. "I had never heard that. I didn’t know you could make those kinds of sounds with your voice."
Inspired, Marcela joined Jazz Latino and continued performing in both Asia and South America. In 2007, Marcela moved to Singapore, where she blossomed as a solo artist and band leader.

In 2010, she moved to Memphis to embark on yet another regional evolution, where she has learned to incorporate American blues and soul into her style. "It's very soulful here. I learned more about the emotion, about people playing from their heart, in Memphis."

In addition to her solo projects, Marcela performs and records with several Memphis bands and artists, including The Bar-Kays, Orquesta Caliente, and The Delta Collective. Marcela's quartet has enjoyed success at the Madison Hotel's summer rooftop parties and at numerous corporate events and private functions.

Top Reviews for Marcela Pinilla

"Mesmerizing ... such an agreeable voice and presence." -- Memphis Commercial Appeal