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About Memphis Ukulele Band

One of Sam Phillips’ favorite sayings was, "If you’re not doing something different, you're not doing anything." With a unique ensemble sound and surprisingly diverse repertoire, Memphis Ukulele Band is firmly rooted in Memphis music’s maverick tradition.

For all five members, the Memphis Ukulele Band is a genuine labor of love. What started as a fun side gig has taken on a life — and devoted local fan base — all its own. Now, the Memphis Ukulele Band eagerly looks forward to bringing their "Ukulele Soul" sound to a national audience with their self-titled debut album that explores the charms of the uke within myriad genres, from pop to blues to reggae to soul.

The ukulele's low volume and capacity to express a broad range of emotion make it one of the most intimate, evocative, and underrated stringed instruments. It’s fitting, then, that Memphis — also intimate, evocative, certainly underrated — is the setting for this magical collaboration.

The Memphis Ukulele Band is a unique local treasure and perfect for private parties, charity events, and festivals. Contact us for booking information today!

Top Reviews for Memphis Ukulele Band

"One of the city's hottest up-and-coming acts" -- Bob Mehr, Memphis Commerical Appeal

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