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About Mighty Souls Brass Band

The Mighty Souls Brass Band is Memphis' only traditional brass band, bridging the gap between New Orleans funk and Memphis soul. Their joyous sound will have you dancing in the street and joining the parade.

Founded by Sean Murphy (sousaphone), Jim Spake (saxes), Jeremy Shrader (trumpet, vocals), Earl Lowe (drums), and Victor Sawyer (trombone), the key to the quality of the Mighty Souls Brass Band is constant evolution. By adding the the top musicians in the Memphis scene — Art Edmaiston, Tom Lonardo, Tom Link, EJ Dyce, Gary Topper, Jason Yasinsky, Paul Taylor, Jason Northcutt, Ben Strickland, to name just a few — this band can tailor its sound and membership to your event's needs and budget. They can perform with six pieces or 16, depending on what's right for you.

So get your beads and white handkerchiefs ready, because the saints will be marching in when the Mighty Souls Brass Band blows!

Top Reviews for Mighty Souls Brass Band

"The Mighty Souls Brass Band was very professional and pleasant to work with. These guys were jamming out and had great enthusiasm." -- Ms. Tharps, West Cancer Center

"This may be a horn‐driven big band with a syncopated sound and a party‐ready spirit. But it’s also one that contains echoes of sock‐hop rock 'n roll and boardwalk R&B." — Memphis Commercial Appeal

"If you missed out on finding that little baby in your king cake this year, mix up a drink, sit back, and crown yourself the king of your own krewe. And tell me you don’t feel like putting on your
suit, grabbing a cutie in a swing dress, and tossing her around the dance floor!" — Nine Bullets

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