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Misti Rae Band

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Sunshine Lullabies

Clumsy Parade Balloon

When I Get Low I Get High

About Misti Rae Band

She's the epitome of versatility. Torch singer, songwriter, visual artist, and dancer, Misti Rae peppers her songs with humor, depth, and an awe-inspiring appreciation for life and all its wonders. Her stage presence is an artful balance between her flirty alter ego, quick wit, brilliant songwriting, and a deep appreciation for every moment shared with her audience.

Depending on your budget and event size, the Misti Rae Band can perform as a duo, trio, quartet — up to a seven-piece band. The full band is comprised of renowned Memphis musicians, featuring Jim Spake (clarinet & sax), Jeremy Shrader (trumpet), C.J. Manning (upright bass), Mike Assad (drums), and Jimmy Arnold (guitar). These gentlemen bring a classic sensibility to the mix, breathing new life into classic swing, jazz, and cabaret numbers.

Their eclectic sound transports audiences to another place and time, from classic cabaret to a swingin' dance hall. Misti Rae shimmies and sways and even takes to the dance floor with her audience. Her effortless delivery conjures a bygone era, and her band of clever musicians defines cool.

For something different, stylish, and extremely high-quality, book the Misti Rae for your next event.

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