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Patti LaBelle

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About Patti LaBelle

REG was proud to book Patti LaBelle recently for the Pearl River Resort in Mississippi.

"I still have so much more to do, so many other things to try. I have a lot of blessings, a lot to be thankful for, but I'm always excited about what else there is for me to do."

It's hard to believe that such words could fall from the lips of one of music's living legends. But Patti LaBelle, soulful diva extraordinaire, isn't kidding when she says that. Even with her many accolades, awards, and accomplishments, she is constantly challenging herself.

What adoring fans, her peers, and the worldwide media know is that Patti LaBelle has been giving her all through her recordings and live performances since 1961. Since then, the Philadelphia native has been a chart staple through a half-a-dozen hits with the futuristic trio Labelle and later a stunning solo artist with over 30 charted singles including 1983's chart topper "If Only You Knew," the 1985 smash "New Attitude," a pop and R&B #1 single "On My Own," which was a 1986 duet with Michael McDonald, and more recent hits like "Somebody Loves You Baby," "When You've Been Blessed," "The Right Kind of Lover," and "When You Talk about Love."

Her high-octane concerts draw constant standing-room-only crowds even, she notes, "when I don't have a record on the charts! I guess when people come to see me they know they're going to get 150%. It's been that way ever since I stepped out onstage for the first time."

In addition to her amazing career, Patti's work as a humanitarian is legendary. A diabetic, Patti has served as a spokesperson for the American Diabetic Association. She has a foundation called The Patti LaBelle Medical Education Scholarship Fund that is administered through the National Medical Association. She also served as the spokesperson for the National Minority AIDS Council and the National Cancer Institute. Having lost several members of her family to cancer, Patti's tireless efforts resulted in the dedication of a special research laboratory in her honor at the Sylvestri Comprehensive Care Center at the University of Miami.