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Rings Mystere

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About Rings Mystere

This astonishing illusion, combining a magical escape and an instantaneous costume change, will leave your audience gasping and saying "What?!"

Created by master entertainer Kid Davie, Rings Mystere is ideal for basketball halftime shows and for corporate and private events as part of a larger entertainment ensemble. In a nutshell, a young woman is encircled by metal rings and handcuffed to a post. The curtain is raised and immediately dropped, and the bright scarf has mysteriously moved. The curtain is raised again, dropped, and she's wearing an entirely different outfit! Still handcuffed, the curtain goes up a third time, drops, and she's outside the rings without the handcuffs.

With Rings Mystere, you'll see if people can scratch their heads and clap at the same time. Combining the best of escape magic with the renowned illusions of Quick Change, Rings Mystere will quickly become your favorite illusion!

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