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River Bluff Clan

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About River Bluff Clan

Alhough they hail from the Home of the Blues, the River Bluff Clan is leading the way in Memphis' growing love of bluegrass, Americana, and alt-country.

Music of the River Bluff Clan evolves from multiple roots forms and cultural influences. Their bluegrass interpretation draws from Celtic and Appalachian traditions, along with the blues of the Mississippi hill country and Delta. It is thoughtful, soulful, energetic, and fun music that includes acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass and vocals.

The River Bluff Clan has been one of Memphis most respected bands for years. The band has performed throughout the United States, and its members have played all over the world. Don’t miss a chance to see this historical yet very modern form of bluegrass.

For larger events, this quartet can add several members and perform as 2 Mule Plow.

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