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Video lounge tables

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About Video lounge tables

This might be the coolest decor item we've ever seen. Expert DJ and video designer Mark Anderson has created beautiful, reflective lounge tables that can project all manner of video content, from MTV music videos to sponsor logos to personal snapshots, all programmed to suit your demographic or event needs.

Mark's video library contains thousands of titles that are sure to please any group (Top 40, dance classics, abstract visuals, etc.). He can also project your custom graphics onto large video screens, flat screen monitors, and other surfaces.

Further, Mark's audio system delivers dynamic punch with multiple speakers and amplifiers, and his high-tech lighting system can take visuals to the next level by drenching a room with effects that create a dance club vibe. He can distribute and project video content throughout your venue to maximize the visual connection (i.e. VIP areas, walls, ceilings, dance floors, etc.).