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Music is crafty. It can engender possibilities, incite adrenaline, or foster melancholy. It can reveal a hollowed-out hole in your memories that you didn't know existed.

Which is exactly what happened on September 29, 2000, when three friends in their 30's attended a White Animals show in Memphis. They found that they each shared a passion for the music of the college rock of the 1980's. The White Animals were good that night, but the memories evoked were better.

This is the story behind the Memphis band WALRUS, a group of musicians returning to their roots in the college rock and classic alternative of the 1980's. Hard-driving pop-rock, raw energy, superb vocals, and an eclectic songlist of tunes you remember but never hear live anymore — that's WALRUS. When the event dictates a horn section, WALRUS calls on The Dirty Whorns consisting of Paul Tomes, Jim Orick, and Walker Robbins.

Collectively, WALRUS has shared the stage with the likes of REM, The Romantics, Bow Wow Wow, Dash Rip Rock, Modern English, Cowboy Mouth, Uncle Green, Uncle Tupelo, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, The White Animals, The Connells, Dada, Superdrag, Marshall Crenshaw, Neilson Hubbard, Mitch Easter, Edwin McCain, and Better Than Ezra — to name a few.

REM (pre-Green), Guadalcanal Diary, the Replacements, Plimsouls, Hoodoo Gurus, the White Animals, the Connells, U2 (pre-Rattle and Hum). If this music affects you, book WALRUS and fill that hollowed-out place you didn't even realize was there.