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About Bluff City Backsliders

Memphis-based Bluff City Backsliders delivers high-powered, hip-shaking, barrelhouse hoodoo music that's as authentic as it is glorious.

Finger-plucked guitar, high-dollar fiddle, vamping banjos, bottleneck and lap-style resonator guitar, dog-bite mandolin and dulcet kazoo, sliding trombone and growling trumpet or crying clarinet, and stride and strut pianos produce a joyous cacophony of early jazz, jug band, old-time country, and proto-bluegrass sounds. The Backsliders reach from Memphis to Appalachia and all the way down to New Orleans, often all in the same song.

Something archetypal in the band’s music thrills music lovers of all kinds, old and young. Feet stomp. Throats howl. Grandparents dance with grandchildren. Joy abounds.

Featuring an amazing and ever-evolving cast of the region's finest roots performers, the Bluff City Backsliders are a unique musical tour-de-force.


Song List Highlights

Memphis, New Orleans, Appalachia, Delta Blues — if it's funky and rootsy, these guys play it.