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About Derryl Perry

One more, somebody always wants one more.

That's the opening line to thesong that ends many of Derryl Perry's shows, and it describes the way Derryl feels about performing. Just like the fans he has earned along the way, Derryl always wants "One More."

Whether it's waking at 7am with the next inspiration for a song, belting out vocals on new studio tracks at 10am, closing down a bar at 2am, or rolling down the highway at 4am moving on to the next gig, Derryl is passionate about his craft and considers it a blessing to be able to share life's experiences through his music.

“Love and Adrenaline” aptly describes Derryl's live show and is the title of his latest recording project. This Nashville-based, Texas-born artist blends his traditional country roots with an honest and intimate rock edge. A large dose of Southwestern style flavors the dish -- and it's served HOT! This fusion has a broad appeal, as evidenced by his growing national fan base. Darryl wants to make you laugh, cry, dance, or just sit back and watch the stage burn. And it doesn't matter where you see him -- headlining The Mirage in Las Vegas, opening for Gary Allan, Mark Chesnutt, Gene Watson or one of the many other artists he has shared a stage with, or playing a backyard barbecue in Tupelo -- you may experience all the above emotions in a single performance.

Derryl and his band, the Lonesome Devils, have toured the country and played over 2000 shows. For someone who grew up in Texas and was influenced by some of the greatest honkytonk singers and country icons in the business, it's a dream come true. Artists like Willie Nelson, George Strait, Gary Stewart, and Dwight Yoakam have made Derryl want to move people with a song. As Derryl says, "I didn't pick music, music picked me."

Derryl was fortunate to land a record deal with Nashville-based Music City Records and released the album "All Just to Get to You" to critical acclaim and two nationally charted radio singles: "Four Nights in Albuquerque" and "You Will." Music Row Magazine, Nashville's premier trade publication, awarded Derryl both the Small Label Artist of the Year and Small Label Breakout Artist of the Year. The TV network movie "Blood Crime" also featured “You Will” and is still broadcast around the world.

If you like your music with a shot of love and adrenaline, then book Derryl for your next event. You'll likely ask for “One More,” and Derryl will be more than happy to oblige.