Elmo & The Shades


Featuring some of Memphis' most legendary musicians, Elmo & the Shades will turn any event into a rollicking, classic, rhythm-and-blues party! Lead singer Elmo Lee Thomas, the big man with the big voice, will take you on a musical tour of the best blues, R&B, and funk favorites of the last 50 years. Elmo's renowned band mates include guys who have played on Stax, Hi, and Sun recordings and have performed in bands with James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Little Richard, The Bar-Kays, George Clinton, Otis Redding, Al Green, and many, many more. As the Memphis Flyer wrote, "This band has a musical pedigree that will blow your mind." And when your event needs a little extra sizzle, Elmo can enlist several outstanding female singers, including Vicki Loveland, Deborah Swiney, and others. With Elmo & the Shades, you'll get a group of entertainment professionals whose reputations and versatility are unmatched in Memphis. They can play soft jazz during dinner and then turn up the heat for all-night dancing to party classics. More than just another tribute to Memphis music, these are the guys who actually created Memphis music — and it's one of the tightest, funkiest, and most crowd-pleasing groups you'll ever hear!

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