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About Jason D. Williams

Enthusiastic — Reckless — Stormy — Rock 'n Roll in its natural state. The Kansas City Star called Jason D. Williams "the past and future of rock 'n roll." The Beacon-Journal dubbed him "The World's Greatest Piano Player." Most importantly, he'll remind you why you love rock 'n roll in the first place — to get a little wild!

Jason D. Williams displays the same musical innovation and on-the-edge attitude as Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. After seeing his live show, you'll have no doubt why fans and critics are awestruck by the dynamic piano player from Memphis. From MTV to the White House, Jason D. Williams brings unsurpassed charisma and a unique passion to the stage. His signature brand of raw and rowdy boogie-woogie and rock 'n roll mixed with boundless talent is a sure-fire recipe for pleasing audiences.

His sound skips across multiple genres, incorporating everything from classical to country, blues to jazz to rockabilly. Where Jason D. Williams really shines is in his live performance, as he stomps and bangs and dances behind the keys — and often on the keys! Jason D. is a MUST SEE, with the same musical genius as Mozart and the versatility and on-the-edge attitude to bring you back to the roots of rock.

With his broad range of musical styles, Jason D. Williams attracts audiences of all musical tastes and ages. Performing everywhere from small nightclubs, to city festivals, to corporate events, to 80,000-seat arenas, his show fits any market, any venue.

Jason is on the road 200 days a year. Some of his more notable appearances include the White House, Radio City Music Hall, the Georgia Dome, the Super Dome, Detroit Lions Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, and countless fairs and festivals.

Jason D. Williams is truly one act you have to see to believe!


Song List Highlights

From rockabilly to classical to country to jazz, Jason knows hundreds of songs and never makes a set list. He has an incredible ability to read the crowd and adapt his music to the audience.