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About The Rusty Pieces

The Rusty Pieces are a strum, stomp, shake, slap, and bang duo from Memphis. Two singer-songwriters converged and out sprang a crop of soulful, earthy, catchy ear candy.  Stomp box, cajon, washboard, shakers, and foot percussion blend with guitar and rich vocal harmonies to create a surprisingly big sound.

Their music has been called bluesy pop, soulful pop, indie-pop, front porch pop, pop rock, old timey, new fangled, lo-fi, and the list goes on. You'll just call it damn good, and it'll get stuck in your head after the first listen.

The Rusty Pieces are

  • Jessi Dalton, who locked herself in a room and learned "Blackbird" on the guitar when she was ten years old. She's released five albums with four different bands, proving herself an amazing songwriter each time out.

  • Weston Sherman, who has spent the last 20 years doing what his 5th grade teacher predicted: not living up to his full potential. A soulful performer with a mind boggling catalog of unpublished material, Sherman arrived in Memphis as a true diamond in the rough. His word play, melodies, and passionate delivery will have you saying "Where the hell has this guy been hiding out?"

As an added bonus, these two are totally in love with each other. Great onstage chemistry!