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The Memphis Open

Professional tennis was at one time a big deal in Memphis.

What became known as the Memphis Open was first played in 1975, and until 2014 the tournament had the distinction of  being the only men's and women's professional tennis event in the world hosted by a private indoor racquet club.

In 2008, the event was elevated to ATP 500 Series status, but in 2014, the men's and women's events moved to Rio de Janeiro.  Memphis then purchased the ATP 250 event in San Jose to keep professional tennis in the city. In late 2014, a group purchased the U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championships and renamed it the Memphis Open. In 2015, the Memphis Open was sold again, purchased by New York-based financial management company GF Capital.

GF Capital hired Resource Entertainment to be the technical producer for the 2016 tournament.  Resource managed every piece of video that rolled across the boards, from sponsor ads to player intro cards, and every piece of music heard over the audio system was curated by Resource.  Resource handled anthem singers, coin flips, on-court promotions, klieg lights, confetti, haze and smoke, and even the painting of the event logo on the streets in front of the venue.

2016 also featured the MO, a between-matches lounge featuring food and live entertainment each day of the tournament.  Resource programmed all the entertainers in the MO as well.

In April 2017 the ATP announced that the tournament would relocate to Long Island, New York after the event failed to find a title sponsor in Memphis.

It was a short run, but we loved our time with the Memphis Open!