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The history of the Mid-South Coliseum includes performance by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but sadly that chapter was closing in 2005 when the Greater Memphis Arts Council decided to stage one final event in this historic space.  They tapped Resource Entertainment to assume production for this finale.

Artrageous, a multi-stage, multi-band celebration of all art forms featured headliner Charmaine Neville, with dance by Tribal Vibe, and performances from DJ Mark Anderson and Resource Entertainment's own The Venus Mission, 

REG’s project plan included multi-tiered staging and scaffolding, which turned the somewhat decrepit Mid-South Coliseum into a vibrant kinetic space appropriate to the event.  The show unfolded as planned to the delight of attendees, and the actual costs varied less than 2% from budget.  Artrageous ended the era as a big success, raising thousands of dollars for the Council.