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About the Dixie Jam Band

Justin Hinson and The Dixie Jam Band are no strangers to West Tennessee or Northern Mississippi. They have played the club scene on up to Casino Alley in Tunica Ms. They have created a following, Which continues to grow. The band provides entertainment for most any occasions including weddings, banquets, dance clubs, charitable events, and festivals

Justin Hinson and his instrumental entourage are not “just another club band” They provide music that is up-to-date, entertaining, and exhilarating. These gentleman pull together various musical influences and perform music ranging from pop, rock, jazz, to country music in a style that’s all their own.

Justin Hinson is the lead singer, lead and rhythm guitarist, and a composer of the group. Justin’s powerful vocals and strong guitar fills, along with his high energetic performances, delivers a great show. Dixie Jam, consisting of three of the most multi-talented musicians, provides the backbone of this band. They pull together decades of experience, which is evident in their performances.

These gentlemen began a journey together. A journey that has led them toward a goal and that goal is being the best at what they love to do, play music. The time and effort that Justin Hinson and The Dixie Jam Band give each song is evident in every pluck of the string, every stroke of a key, and every lyric sung. They strive to take each performance to the next level in hopes of delivering their “ Music at its FINEST. ” Which, clearly places them in a league of their own.

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