Plan It

From beer permits to the logistics of load-out, Resource Entertainment can manage any size event.

We’ve managed hundreds of charity galas, with crowds of 100 to 1,000.

We’ve managed massive one-day events, with 100,000 in attendance.

We’ve managed multi-day grand openings and festivals (in all kinds of weather!), with numerous sponsors, multiple bands, and thousands of patrons.

The details are daunting, and forgetting one crucial thing (PortaJohns, perhaps?) can destroy an otherwise great event.

We can help. We’ve done it. A lot.

Event Design

We also conceptualize, script, arrange, choreograph, assemble, diagram, manage, and produce any kind of show you can think of. From a street dance to the grand opening of a Toyota factory, from a 20-week concert series to a 24-hour festival, we can produce any event.


Need help creating a budget for your event and aren't sure where to start or what you need? We can help you with that, too! We’ve built solid relationships with hundreds of local and regional vendors through years of working side by side in the event industry. This enables us to get the best deals possible for your event. We can also recommend the very best in the business!


Nothing ties a plan together quite as well as a good visual aid. At Resource Entertainment we help you build your event from the ground up by creating custom layouts catered to your specific needs. Throwing a festival in downtown Memphis? We’ll create a map that illustrates down to the square foot your precise event footprint. Want that map 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide and laminated? No problem!


From a harpist to a jazz combo to a 20-piece swing band to an international superstar, Resource Entertainment books any kind of entertainment you need. Plus DJ’s, jugglers, magicians, a cappella groups, handbell choirs, Elvis tribute artists, and the Beale Street Flippers, too!

Transportation & Accommodations

Part of getting impressive talent is providing impressive hospitality. We take care of musicians and entertainers every day – it’s one of the things we do best! We don’t just book your entertainment. We get them a flight to your party, hire a shuttle service to pick them up at the airport, book their hotel rooms, and figure out what they’re going to eat and drink while they’re in town. This is one of the reasons we’re able to find great people – we have a reputation for taking great care of people.


Having a trustworthy team of professional security guards is often the most essential component of any special event. We’ll hire your team, create a crew schedule, and conduct multiple meetings to thoroughly engage them in every aspect of the event. For large scale events, we even like to create visual aids such as maps and instructional handouts for each specific crew member and shift.