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From weddings to festivals to huge corporate functions, Resource Entertainment can produce and manage any size event. We offer services and years of expertise for any kind of event and every step of production. 

There’s a lot more to putting on a great show than just booking entertainment. The details are daunting, and forgetting one crucial thing (PortaJohns, perhaps?) can destroy an otherwise great event.

Don’t worry about your next event - we do this all the time. We are the region’s event management Resource. Let us Book It, Plan It, Run It, and Work It.

Your Southern Event Planners

The rich historical, cultural, and musical aspects of Memphis, Tennessee make it a beloved destination for tourists from around the US and around the world. Those characteristics also make it an amazing place to hold a party, concert or other event! Resource Entertainment is the perfect solution when you need complete event planning services for concerts or other live events in Memphis.

Lots of Options for Concert, Party & Event Planning

Whether you're planning a corporate event or a charity event, Memphis has venues to bring your inspiration to life. The many details involved in planning an event require an event planner with industry expertise, vision, and an extensive network to ensure that your event is memorable and goes off without a hitch.

Known for music from all genres, including gospel, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, and rhythm in blues, Memphis is home to more than 15 large venues. Planning a concert or live event is a huge undertaking where a consultation with a professional planner is advised. Need to book musical entertainment as well as an event planner? With a wide range of entertainers in several different music genres, we’ve got you covered!

What Goes Into Planning a Concert or Other Live Event?

There are 10 steps that go into planning a live event or concert, including:

  1. Plan your budget using a template and realistic prices so that you don’t go over
  2. Hire talent based on the attendees you expect
  3. Finalize your venue and sign the contract
  4. Finalize your concert or live event date
  5. Take care of logistics by determining whether you’ll need speakers, dressing rooms, catering, etc.
  6. Finalize your ticket prices based on your projected revenue
  7. Select your event ticketing partner
  8. Promote your concert or live event on several social media platforms
  9. Share highlights of your event
  10. Share follow-up information of your event to keep your guests engaged and looking forward to the next event

For someone without the right connections and organizational skills, even just doing the research on potential vendors can be daunting! Fortunately, Resource Entertainment’s comprehensive event management services include all of the above and more.

Leave the Party & Event Planning to Professionals

Memphis is a fantastic city for hosting events, but a seasoned event planner is essential, especially for a concert or live event. Contact Resource Entertainment if you need help with your event.