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It's one of the biggest events on the American sports calendar, the NCAA College Football Playoffs National Championship Game.  Maybe the Super Bowl is bigger, but some would argue otherwise.  And college has a different energy than pros, right?

Since 2016, Resource has been honored to be part of the National Championship Festivities as the main stage producer for the Championship Tailgate pre-game event.  The job includes integration of a headline live stage performance with ESPN broadcast, which carries two songs from the performance to a global audience.  The Champ Tailgate does not happen every year - some arenas do not have the available footprint to accommodate the 50,000 people that we get at the main stage - but if there is a Champ Tailgate, Resource is there.

As part of a team led by the Portland, OR based Etzel Agency, Resource turns a parking lot into a major performance space (featuring the two largest truck mounted video screens available in the USA) and meeting the demands of some of the top stars in the entertainment galaxy - Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban.  

We host cheerleading squads and marching bands from both schools, and when the game is under a dome, we get the flyover as well.

Resource also manages the credentialing process for a team of 150 technicians, workers, crew, and entertainers who come together to make the show work for the live audience and the broadcast audience.

And we usually can catch part of the game!

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