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Since 2011 Resource has helped produce the annual RiverArtsFest, a three-day celebration of fine art from around the country, plus loads of local entertainment, on historic South Main Street in Memphis and since 2018 the festivals new home on Riverside Drive.

Resource makes sure the festival operates, beginning with filing all needed permits, and including managing street closures and traffic diversions, building an electrical grid and water delivery system on site, managing security and making sure that every tent, table, chair, generator, portajohn, bike rack, and stage deck lands where it needs to when it needs to.  When the artists and vendors roll in, we ensure that everyone has every tool they need for a successful festival, including the operations staff and volunteers!

Resource also books all the live entertainment for the festival, from one stage to three like on South Main in 2018 depending on the festivals layout and entertainment needs.  Over the years, the festival has been lauded for presenting an eclectic selection of what is happening in Memphis music, something Resource is very proud of.

This is a great event, always held the fourth weekend of October.  Add it to your calendar and be one of Over 30,000 people that attend each year shopping and interacting with artists from all across the country.

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